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SEO, Email & SMS
SEO / Google Ads

Search Engine Optimization campaigns act on enhancing your brand’s visibility.
It is a great tool to connect you with related consumers. Our process includes reports which provide your business with a full SEO-related SWOT analysis.
We develop customized solutions to optimize your website for the best search engines results in order to generate traffic towards your business.

In addition to the organic SEO solution, we provide Google Ads campaigns which will enable you to reach new customers fast.
When you advertise with Google Ads, you’re investing in your business.
And we are here to help you grow your business all within your budget.


Email Marketing

Shift Production provides complete, cost-effective email marketing solutions that will help our clients to improve their revenue and strengthen their customer relationships.
The Direct email marketing campaigns are intended to keep existing clients, and generate new ones, as well increase the level and quality of customer service your company offers.

Tracking customers in a professional way is a great marketing solution  that will increase eventually customer loyalty and generate repeat business.

We offer our clients a unique and thrilling email marketing campaigns and targeted markets.

SMS Solutions​

SMS is much more likely to be read by a person at any one time, since the majority of people have their mobile phones at arms reach 24 hours a day.
SMS message is automatically stored where it can be re-read. This proves particularly useful in the case of fairly detailed information that might otherwise be forgotten.

SMS is far cheaper than a phone call yet in most instances you will convey just as much information as you would have if you had called.

Sending SMS messages to your subscribers’ mobile phones is one of the more successful ways of informing them of an event, promotion or special offer. Unlike any other method of advertising the message can reach them within a few minutes and you know that it has reached every person on your target group.

Send SMS to anywhere in few seconds.

We will provide you with an integrated solution for sending SMS messages in bulk or with a web-based SMS management system which is extremely intuitive and
functional way to send individualized, bulk text messages.

​We are committed to offer the most competitive  prices and the highest quality & support!

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